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Price!pinx in the Press: TV, Radio, and Popular Blogs
NBC New York Channel 4: Sree Advice On Saving Money Online
Price!pinx on TV you track when prices go down online. They are a great way to save money.

Price!pinx is about saving you money with just one click. You tell us the products you want to buy online, we monitor the price, and send you a price drop alert right away. So easy! 103.5FM: Website of the Week
The Yellow Pages used to say, "Let your fingers do the walking." promises to make it even easier to find a bargain. Price!pinx lets your laptop do the walking -- or searching -- for price reductions on things you want. Whether it's $1 off the cost of a DVD or $157 discount on a Diane von Furstenberg Benoit dress, this site sends e-mails when the price of your chosen item falls.
CNET's Webware: Pricepinx intelligently watches for price drops online
I've looked at a handful of price watching services, but this one has got to be the coolest. It's called Pricepinx, and it's been designed to work on any site--not just some of the big retailers. Track Price Drops at any Site with Price!pinx
Want to keep an ever-present eye on an item you just know is going to go discount at any moment? Price!pinx offers a price-watching service that doesn't require searching or limit itself only to Amazon, eBay, or any other big-name site. You provide your email address to Price!pinx, then add their bookmarklet to your browser's links bar. When you see a price you think/hope will go lower, highlight it and then hit the !pinx link. The site will then email you when it notices a drop in the digits. Looks like pretty handy stuff ... PricePinx : Get Alerts on Price Drops
PricePinx monitors the products you want to buy and alerts you by email as soon as there is a price drop. It’s fully automated, all you need to do is drag the PricePinx bookmarklet on top of the browser toolbar and use it whenever you want to add some product to the PricePinx watch list. To add an item to the watchlist simply highlight the price and click on the bookmarklet (!pinx).
Never Shopped Out (A Shopaholics Resource): Paying Your Price with Price!Pinx
I realised recently there is a shopping habit I have. I spot an item on the racks and as I head towards it I'm mentally toting up what I think the price will be. If its well below or on the money (and I'm pretty good at picking it!) I generally try it on. If its over, I then go into to 'How-much-do-i-like-you' mode. And I generally have a list of 'When its on sale I will buy it' items. Of course, if I am not on the ball I can end up missing out altogether, which is why I am liking Price!Pinx.

Price!pinx is a nifty website which lets you track the items your planning on buying when they are on sale. This might just be old favourites that you want to stock up on, those items that you think are overpriced - and they can come from ANY website.

Digital Quest: Pricepinx - Get alerted of price drop and save money
Price!pinx is a quick and convenient solution to notify you about price drops of any product on almost any website. Using it is a breeze. All you need to do is to setup a bookmark ... The next time you see a product you simply highlight the price and click the Price!pinx bookmark. ... Brilliant.
Price!pinx, a website that crawls the web and alerts users to price drops on products they're considering for a purchase. Brilliant.

Press Releases
July 17th, 2008 - Price!pinx Introduces New Tracking Features that Save Consumers Money
With two new Price!pinx features at their fingertips, consumers now have greater power to make their dollars stretch further. Price!pinx, the leading price drop alert service dedicated to helping consumers avoid paying full retail prices, has recently launched target pricing and shopping lists on its website– making saving money even easier.
March 3rd, 2008 - Shop Smart and Save Money with Free Price Drop Alerts
Shoppers can save money and time by getting price drop alert emails. Be the first to know when a product you want to buy goes on sale.
  While we make every effort to post correct information and price drops, we can not guarantee it.

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