Price Drop Alerts Made Easy! 

How to use the bookmark

Let's quickly cover how to use the smart bookmark and some common mistakes. No worries - it's really easy!

The right way to !pinx:

select and pinx
You found the product that you like on any retailer's website. Now simply "select and click":
  1. Select the price
    of the product on the actual product detail page
    (you can skip this on
  2. Click the !pinx bookmarklet
    in your browser's toolbar.
Most important:
Additional info:

Common mistakes:

Do not !pinx from the following types of pages. Your !pinx must originate from the actual product detail page.
  1.   Shopping Cart - page shows what's in your cart. We can't see that.
  2.   Search Results - page shows multiple products resulting from a search.
  3.   Category - page shows multiple products within a category.
  4.   Quick Info - dialog that shows product info but main page is still of type above.
  5.   Wish List - page shows your wish list. We can't see it.
Only !pinx the price of the main product on the product detail page. Do not !pinx prices of:
  1.   Related Items
  2.   Suggested Items
You can not !pinx prices that are calculated based on your inputs (zip code, different currency selection, dates, locations, age, ...) such as:
  1.   Airline Fares
  2.   Hotel Room Rates
  3.   Insurance Premiums
  4.   Other than site's default currency