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About Price!pinx

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We're a very small team of people that came together with one mission: create an easy way to be notified about product price drops for any online retailer's website and not just on Amazon.

The story behind Price!pinx

My name is Gerhard and I am the founder and CEO of Price!pinx. Back in 2005, in my free time, I launched a website selling ergonomic products such as curved keyboards and vertical computer mice. But shipping out products was time consuming (long lines at the post office) and I had to store all the products in our small New York City apartment. This was not the side business I wanted, it was not scalable, and furthermore I realized that had all these products at a lower price.

So I started exploring Amazon's Product Services in order to integrate their products into my website and simply earn commissions by referring sales to Amazon. Problem solved: no more shipping products and no more boxes in the apartment yet I continued to earn some money.

Two years later in late 2007 I lived in San Francisco and while playing with the Amazon Product Services API I discovered that product prices change very frequently and often by a lot. The idea of monitoring product prices and the concept of Price!pinx were born.

Price!pinx launched in 2008

Pricepinx in 2008
website in 2008
Inspired by the startup culture of San Francisco I decided to create a price drop alert website allowing notifications for but also for any other online retailer. Limiting the service to just like all my competitors seemed lame and unacceptable.

I brought my wife Judy on board with her experience in the online consumer retail space to help me with the concept. In early 2008 we rolled out the first version of Price!pinx. I coded it all by myself and "designed" the look & feel as well. In retrospect, it looked quite ugly :)

The website was still a side-project and started to consume more and more time. It gained good traction and the number of users continuously increased. At the same time regular work got busy along with all the other elements of life. Price!pinx continued to run as a side-business but didn't get all the attention it needed and that I wanted to give to it. I had many ideas for improvements but no time ...

Price!pinx 2.0 launched in 2017

Finally in early 2017, about 9 years after the initial launch, I decided to work full time on Price!pinx and completely revamp it: the website and the price monitoring engine were completely redesigned and redeveloped. As of May 2017 version 2.0 of Price!pinx is here and we will keep evolving it. My goal is to continue to build a great product and to grow the Pinxter community. I have hundreds of ideas in my head and every morning I wake up with excitement to work on Price!pinx.

Our Mission

First Logo
our first logo :)
Provide online shoppers an easy to use service to save money without changing or impeding their shopping experience.

Why the name Price!pinx?

Originally I wanted to use the word "ping" in the name since we are "pinging" the retailer's website for the price but the domain name was not available. Therefore I chose "pinx" since it sounds fun and still represents what we're doing. The "!" is the name is just for fun and gives the "pinx" more power. When requesting a price drop alert you're creating a !pinx.

About the person behind Price!pinx

Gerhard As mentioned above, my name is Gerhard and truly love programming - it is so rewarding. When I was 10 or so my neighbor's dad got a Commodore 64 and introduced us to computers and programming. I was absolutely fascinated by the world of bits and bytes and a year later I got my own C64. I taught myself BASIC and Assembler and spent all my free time coding (and playing computer games).

At age 15 I sold my first computer game to a computer magazine which was published with a 5 1/4 floppy disc. The following year my second sale was a development environment for Assembler and it was also published in that magazine on a floppy disc.

But a year later my interest in computers faded a little as I discovered skateboarding and other things. Then in college I programmed a lot of mathematical algorithms and naturally after college I started a job as a software programmer.

In 2000 I moved from Germany to San Francisco to join a startup company. In my free time I started to develop my own stuff on the side again: games, websites, and tools.

Now my wife Judy and I live in Los Angeles.